How To Schedule Posts to Instagram Using Facebook Creator Studio

After wishing for this feature for years, the time has finally come. You can now schedule your Instagram posts through Facebook’s Creator Studio. It is simple, easy to use and will save you time, allowing you to successfully plan your content.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts Through Facebook Creator Studio

Firstly you will need to use Facebook on a computer or laptop. To schedule Instagram content, you must have a Facebook business page connected to your Instagram. If you are unsure of how to do this, follow our guide on connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

1. Open The Creator Studio

Navigate to your business page on Facebook. on the menu located on the left, navigate to Publishing Tools.

You will then be taken to a section allowing you to create, view and edit published posts, scheduled posts and drafts. On the left side again, select Creator Studio.

2. Add Your Instagram Accounts

Here will be the home of the Creator Studio. At the top in the centre you should see two icons, one the Facebook logo and the other being the Instagram logo. Select the Instagram one. Then you will see the content library. On the left, at the bottom of the menu, you will see Instagram accounts. Click this option to connect your business Instagram account.

Once you have clicked that you should follow with the button on the top right labelled Add Instagram account. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to provide access to your account. Select Ok to confirm this.

To authorise this, you will need to sign into your Instagram account. Once that is complete, your account should shop up as an account in the Creator Studio.

3. Begin to Schedule Content

Using the menu on the left select the big blue button at the top stating Create Post and select Instagram Feed. You’ll then be prompted to select the Instagram account you wish to post to. A content creation box will slide from the right where you can compose your caption, upload your media and tag your location. This feature allows you to upload multiple pictures to Instagram unlike most other social media scheduling tools.

Once you are ready to schedule the content, using the blue dropdown button on the right reading Publish, select the option of Schedule which will prompt you to select a date and time.

4. Further Features

Not only is the feature of being able to schedule to Instagram without having to use a separate scheduling tool a massive benefit, there are further features we are loving. It is also possible to scheduled IGTV videos and view lengthy insights from audience information to post reach.

You’re All Set

Congratulations! You have mastered how to schedule Instagram posts through Facebook Creator Studio. You can now confidently go ahead and schedule your social media content and begin your social media marketing journey.

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