How to Add an Email Signature to Apple Mail on an iPhone

Adding an email signature is vital for both branding and marketing purposes. With a professional email signature you are already installing trust in your potential customers. With this guide we will take you through the steps on how to add an email signature to Apple Mail on your iPhone. Watch the video below, or follow the guide.

1. Go to your settings

Go to the settings on your Apple iPhone. This should look like a grey cog. If you are unsure of where to find this, swipe down to bring up the search bar and type ‘Settings’.

2. Go to the Mail settings

In the settings, scroll down to find ‘Mail’. Alternatively, use the search bar at the top and type in ‘Mail’.

3. Click 'Signature'

Once you are in the Mail settings, scroll right to the bottom where you will find ‘Signature’. Click on it to customise your email signature.

4. Select your account

If you have more than one email account set up on your phone, tick the option at the top labelled ‘Per Account’. This will allow you to customise the email signature for each of your email accounts, rather than setting one email signature for all accounts.

5. Edit the email signature

If you already have an email signature designed you will need to copy and paste it into the relevant email signature box. The email signature boxes have the email account titled above to help you see which email signature you are editing.

Top Tip: When copying and pasting the email signature, make sure your are copying the actual email signature rather than the source code. If you past HTML into the email signature box it will not be formatted and will display as HTML.

6. Check and Finish

Once you have pasted the email signature in and it looks correct, navigate to your emails and send a test email to check the email signature. If there are any issues with the email signature, you may need to try copying and pasting it again.

Please note: Email signatures are not guaranteed to always display correctly on Apple Mail. Especially if you are sending and email to someone without an iPhone or Apple device. Display issues can involve not showing images properly, not showing the correct colours or fonts. This is all to do with the colours and fonts that Apple Mail supports. In order to get a 100% uniform and reliable signature, you will need to consider our professional email signature management software.

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